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Badges and Certifications


We've integrated with to allow you to share your achievements and get public recognition for learning and mastering new skills. is an online platform where you can post your badges and achievements from different websites and companies. Large organizations such as Harvard and YMCA also use Credly to award their members and students.

You can share a link to your Credly account in your Upwork portfolio, link it to your Linkedin account (requires a Pro account), and show it to clients as proof of your learnings and achievements.

Here's a sample of badges that you can earn:

How to Get Badges:

  1. Create a Credly account on
  2. Complete the requirements of the badge you want to receive (on wfhr)
  3. Login to your Credly profile and "Accept" the badge that will be automatically issued to you. Also click on the "Make Trusted Issuer" link on the right if you see it.
  4. Feel free to share your Credly account link ( on your Upwork  portfolio (with a screenshot), in your LinkedIn account, in other freelancing platforms, and with your clients.

Every course will have their own list of badges that you can achieve, just visit the main course page to see the badges you can earn.

You also get special badges for completing entire courses.​

Sample Credly Account:​

My Earned Badges:

[badgeos_achievements_list limit=15]